Waffles and Whiskers Cafe
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Waffles and Whiskers is a unique cafe that serves delicious made to order Belgian waffles that you can enjoy while cat watching. Sip a cup of coffee while meeting some new furry friends. Waffles and Whiskers Cafe has a variety of cats and some exotic cats that have all been rescued by us from Shelters or taken in as adults in various situations where their owners were no longer able to care for them because of health reasons etc.  Our cats are vet checked and healthy.  We are Spay and Neuter advocates so all of our Cats are "fixed".  Starting the last week of May, we will have adoptable rescue cats in our cat lounge. Learn about our foster CLEO and her babies. We have become an official Foster Agent for AARF which is a licensed animal shelter here in Winston-Salem NC.  In the meantime, You can still enjoy hanging out with some of the sweetest most loving cats while enjoying some coffee, soft drinks and the best waffles around! Check out the Cats of Waffles and Whiskers Cafe.

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