Waffles and Whiskers Cafe




We love talking about our Cafe and especially our cats and kittens so we welcome all questions. Here are a few Frequently asked questions.


Are all the cats adoptable?

No, Some of the cats in our cafe are rescues that we have adopted ourselves and they live here with us fulltime. They are part of our family. However, we do offer adoptable cats or kittens at the cafe through NC Licensed Animal Shelters. Check out the adoptable cats and kittens at the cafe on our adoptable page.




Can I bring my own cat?

Simple answer is No.   We screen all of our cats health and personalities to ensure that they are friendly with humans and other pets. We also want them to remain healthy and disease free. An outside cat could also create a hostile environment for our furry friends and we want them to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible at Waffles and Whiskers Cafe. 


Is there an age limit?
No, however parents have to sign a waiver for each child and themselves. In addition, An adult can only supervise 2 children at a time (1 adult per 2 minor children). We require everyone to sign a waiver before entering the Cat Lounge. Sign Waiver


Do I have to pay to get into the cat lounge?
Currently there is a $5 minimum purchase per person to get 30 minutes of free play time in the cat lounge. The purchase can consist of food, beverage and/or merchandise in our cafe OR you can purchase an hour of cat lounge time for $5 (no splitting time). Price is the same for ALL AGES no exceptions. We are only allowed a certain number of people in the cat lounge at one time so unless you are wearing your newborn baby, your child will require a pass into the cat lounge. All minor children will require a supervising adult who also must have a pass to enter the lounge.