Waffles and Whiskers Cafe
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The Cats of Waffles and Whiskers Cafe

The cats of Waffles and whiskers cafe

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Mr. Whiskers is a Purebred Exotic Shorthair. His previous owners liked exotic pets including birds. Sadly for them, so did Mr. Whiskers....to eat.  They decided to rehome him when he was about 2 years old after another "bird incident"  rather then take him to the shelter and we just snatched this cutie up. He is such a sweetie. His personality is very docile. My kids think he is more like a dog than a cat the way he will run up to you and flop on his back for a good belly rub. You will truly fall in love with his sweet smooshie face!




Bear was brought to us two weeks before opening from Purrfect Purrbabies Rescue to stay in the cafe as a potential adoptee. We instantly fell in love with him. He is a 2 year old large Male tomcat. He is so sweet, loving and full of life. When the cats who weren't adopted were to return to the rescue we made an easy decision to adopt Bear ourselves.  Bear is no longer up for adoption and he will be staying with us at the cafe. Once you meet him you will know why we just couldn't let him go! 


Ms. Waffles



Jimmy was adopted from the Forsyth Animal Shelter at about 5 months old.  He is approximately 2 years old now and a big boy. He is still very playful like a kitten even though he towers over them. He at times reminds us of a kangaroo especially when he Lays on his tummy with his legs stretched out the back. He is very lovable and has the softest short fur. You will be very entertained by this big boy. 




Meeka is the daughter of Storm. We named her Meeka because of her meek and timid personality however since being at the cafe, Meeka has come out of her shell and is a happy healthy kitty. She was born in November 2017. She was our first kitten foster that we decided to keep and she has grown up right here in our cafe. Her favorite friend right now is Piglet. You can often see them chasing each other around the room on the highest shelves.





Tigger was a 2 year old stray we found at the Rowan County Animal Shelter during one of their adoption events Spring of 2017.  We fell in love with him at the shelter and he impressed me with his tolerance of my 2, 3 and 4 year olds who were grabbing at him and being their loud selves. Fast forward to now, he and Jimmy are the best of friends and he has learned to "tolerate" the rest. He and Bear compete for room domination as the 2 tomcats of the room lol.



Piper is a purebred Devon Rex. She was 7 years old when we adopted her.  Her owner was an elderly lady whose family was putting her into a nursing home gave her to us.  Devon Rex cats have a small unusual shaped head with large ears, short bowed legs and their fur or coat is "wavy" making her look sheepish.  Piper was obese weighing in at 15.4lbs and had a number of health concerns including chronic UTI's and bladder infections. Due to the outpouring of love from our community, we raised over $700 for her to have bladder stone surgery in May 2018. She is now happy and healthy with a prescription diet to keep her stones from returning.