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These kittens or cats are available for adoption through AARF and are fostered by the owners of the cafe. Everyday the owners decide which rescues will be showcased in the cat lounge but all are available for adoption. If you are visiting the cafe to specifically check out a particular Adoptable, please message us or call ahead to be sure the kitten or cat of interest will be in the cat lounge that day.  All have been combo tested negative, dewormed, flea treated, microchipped and current on vaccines when they arrive at the cafe.  All cats of the proper age will be spayed or neutered before leaving the cafe. If a kitten is too young the adoption fee includes a spay/neuter voucher for free so you can have your pet fixed when of age. (Entrance fee to the lounge for an hour is $5 and still applies. This fee helps us buy litter, cat food and other cat essentials for all of our rescues.) If you would like to help provide basic needs and necessities for the rescues in our care, you can donate through our paypal account Admin@wafflesandwhiskers.com, or check out our Amazon wishlist here.   Click any of the images to find out more about the cat/kitten up for adoption. Adoption Application

What is the Sponsorship program and how can I become a sponsor?

The Sponsorship Program at Waffles and Whiskers Cafe was created this year in hopes of helping find our adoptables a forever home by lessening the burden of the adoption fee for an approved applicant. If you would like to sponsor all or some of a particular cats adoption fee, you can do so through a paypal account we set up specifically for that purpose. Just add the name of the adoptable cat(s) to the paypal payment and those funds will be set aside for that particular adoptable. It's a fantastic way to support adoption and say no to "shopping". If you would like to become a sponsor of one of our adoptables click here.

Wall of Love

These are Cats and Kittens who were showcased at Waffles and Whiskers cafe and as a result were adopted by their forever families!

*Frodo *Donna *Barney *Sammy *Bear *Nancy *Tiny *Peeta *Princess *Marty *Melvin *Gloria *Piglet *Candy *Henry *Tibbles *Alexa *Bunny *Scout *Scoot *Cleopatra *Twix *Krissy *Storm *Blue *Stormy *Violet *Blossom *Dalton *Eli “Ellie Mae” *Lilo *Ghost

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